Friday, October 21, 2011


Had a call from Sarah today, good news was that another of my paintings has sold, bad news was that the exhibition had to be closed a day early (A cruise ship is due to arrive earlier than expected so the Jetty Centre had to be restored to it's former, painting free, austerity).

So that's that, the paintings are down, my first exhibition is finished. I'm really pleased with how it went, made plenty of sales, had some great feedback and loads of interest in my art. If anyone missed the exhibition you can still have a look at the remaining paintings by calling in at Sealed PR, they'll have them in their office for the next week or so, there's still thirteen left of the twenty three that were for sale....there's still some gems there, don't miss out. ;-)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Opening night

Held the preview of my exhibition on the evening of Friday 14th. The day was a crazy marathon of picture hanging but all went well thanks to the expertise of Sarah and Hay of Sealed PR. Must admit I had a few butterflies but in the end it was really good fun. Loads of people turned up and had a good time, I sold nine paintings and sixteen prints which has more than paind for the cost of the exhibition. Result!

The crowd enjoying a few drinks (and the paintings of course)

The family, Me, Ma & Pa (who're both also excellent artists) and my two brothers Adam & Sam.

Thanks again to everyone who came along (especially to those who bought my paintings!). The exhibition is open for another three days until Saturday 22nd if you what to have a look at what I've been doing with my time for the last couple of years (still quite a few available to buy as well, five of the shearing paintings are as yet unsold).

A special thanks to Sarah & Hay at Sealed PR, you did a brilliant job organinsing everything.