Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First 'proper' drawing

Finished this portrait of my dog Boom yesterday, my first proper drawing. It's interesting to try to define what is 'proper', a certain discipline adhered to maybe, your first commissioned piece perhaps. In this case this is the first work I've completed with my new arsenal of materials, up until now anything I've done has been compromised (at least in my head anyway) by using improvised mediums 'oh that would have worked better if I had such & such a thing' and 'I just didn't try that hard because these pencils aren't up to it' and so on. Now I've nowhere to hide, this is the first time I've given it everything I've got.
Whilst working on this I was aware that at any point this was the best I can do at the moment, if it goes completely pear-shaped it's no fault of the materials or that I was not really trying, the weaknesses in the finished piece are the weaknesses in my technique and vision as an artist.
I learnt a lot from producing this modest piece of work, now it's done I feel I've taken a step forward, some uncertainties are how just behind me and the obstacles ahead are clearer and more challenging, onwards.

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