Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting there with the Landscape.

Feeling better about this now, think it's going to be pretty cool once it's done. Odd that I ended up doing it in colour, as the reference is an old photo I'd intended it to be almost black and white, just a hint of colour. Funny how sometimes a painting just goes it's own way, I've learnt now that when that happens one has to go with it, to try to force it to go the way you originally intended will ruin it.

Just finished this one too, commissioned portrait of two labradors. 30 X 40 cm grey pastelmat.


  1. Wow Ben. Your detail work is terrific. I love the Labradors. Their eyes are great.

  2. good stuff ben I especially like the comments about how work sometimes takes on it's own momentum and all you can do is go with it!