Sunday, March 14, 2010

Work in progress, toddler

Just started this, Toddler sitting engrossed something she's holding. Light is from a large window behind so very strongly backlit. Soft pastels (will be anyway) on A3 Pastel paper,
First stage is drawn with 2H pencil.

First blocking in of colour.

Fixed, and a some detail on the background, hat & face.

Struggling a bit with my current set of pastels. WH Smith 'soft' pastels but they're not that soft at all, small square profile sticks (look more like hard pastels to me) they don't layer up at all well and some have hard bits in them that do.....well..nothing except scratch on the paper.
Really looking forward to my set of conte soft pastels arriving.

Progress last night, more detail and deapth of colour built up, can't lay much pigment on with my current pastels so fixed again. Starting to shape up quite nicely I think, we'll see what this evening brings.

Starting to get the contrast from the strong backlight, not happy with the left hand.
Just about finished I think, Still not entirely happy with the left hand & arm....and the highlight on the cushion seems a bit too much.....Hmmm....continue or not?.....

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