Friday, April 9, 2010

Mt Adam

This is Mt Adam, biggest hill on West Falkland, as with many of the large hills on the west Mt Adam bears the scars of glaciation. The veiwpoint is from the end of the north ridge above the southern tarn 500 feet below and looking up to the twin summits, I like the way one can see the original rolling shape of the hill and the distinct boundary where the glacier has cut it away.

I've wanted to have a crack at drawing this veiw for a while and it's the first proper go I've had at a landscape since I took up art again. Interesting subject landscape is, I've found it to be very different from doing portraits like if've been stuck on so far, For me anyway what makes or breaks a portrait is to get the form correct, get that right and anything else goes (within reason). Accurate form seems less important in landscape than getting the sense of depth and colour right, if the hills are slightly the wrong shape it doesn't matter, I guess it's that landscape features like hills, rocks, rivers, lakes are variable in shape, a rock is a rock as long as it's texture & colour looks rocklike, a human form on the other hand is something where we can immediately see if it is right or wrong and if it's wrong it doesn't work. In this case I've dramatised it a bit, the ref photo had flattened the perspective (as photos do), the drawing is more how I remember the veiw from visiting the hill.

I used my neocolour II crayons and polychromos coloured pencils on grey canvas texture paper for this, I really do like my neocolour crayons. :)

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