Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm back

Well, my studio is set up ('s a spare bedroom that I've taken over), my home made easel works tolerably well so everythings going OK. Here's a couple of pastel pictures on 30 X 40 pastelmat that I've done in the last couple of days.  
In doing these I took a bit of advice from Harley Brown in his book 'Eternal truths for every artist' that made a lot of sense to me "Show the paper who's the boss" meaning just break up the surface with big pastel strokes, no particular form or colour just mess up the surface. I found this gave me a much looser approach than my usual method of working on top of an accurate sketch, good fun.

Angry Johnnyrook, orange pastelmat.

..and Johnny cash....also looking quite angry, grey pastelmat.
Work in progress of this is on the 'on the easel' page


  1. Welcome back! Great you have your studio set up. Mine is still a corner in my kitchen. Love the Angry Johnnyrook. There's a lot of movement and the feathers seem to show the bird's agitation.

    Intense Johnny Cash!

  2. Thanks Artscapes, really enjoyed doing these, the 'show the paper who's boss' approach is great fun.

  3. I so enjoy your pastels. How nice to have a studio space inside. My studio is outside, i built it this spring and have only bee able to get into it a few times. The heat here in the south makes it impossible to bear. Looking forward to fall!!.
    The colours in here come alive.