Saturday, August 21, 2010

Landscapes on Kraft paper

Been trying this out recently, big bits of heavy kraft paper (50 X 70cm ish), intereresting stuff to work on but a bit frustrating compared to the ultra responsive (& sadly ultra expensive) pastelmat that is my favourite paper.

Leicester creek road in a really cold spell, sun just setting. This is nearly done, just a bit of detail in the foreground I think.

Apocryphal scene based on the hills in Port Stephens on an unsettled day, patchy light playing on the hills and the unsettled overcast sky. Still needs a lot doing to it, not sure if it'll work or not.


  1. Love them both... remind me a bit of Van Gogh.

  2. Thanks becky, very flattering to be compared to one of the greats like Van Gogh. I never intended my work to follow his style at all, just seems to be going that way.