Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haven't been here for a while

Cor! Five months since I last posted, where does the time go?

Well for the last seven weeks I've had my arm in a sling after I managed to dislocate my shoulder (it had to be my right arm of course...doh!), happily it's healing well now and I've been (carefully) doing some drawing again. Here's a few pieces I'd got done before my injury:

First of all some commissions, there's a couple more but I'm going to post them individually:

Joey the lab, charcoal & pastels on 30 X 40 cartridge paper.

A set of two individual pastel portraits of a friends children, also one coloured pencil portrait of both together:

......and a couple I did as Christmas presents:

Tealeaf the lurcher, charcoal.

Ruby, my youngest niece, charcoal


  1. Hello Ben! Wishing you a quick recovery.
    I like your work here. The children's personality seem to come through especially among the solo portraits and then the two together.

  2. Thanks Artscapes, my arm's healing well now (been such a drag having it immobilised for so long).

  3. Welcome Back, Ben,
    It has been a very long time, but somehow, I guess we all knew you'd be back.
    Great stuff and I'll add my name to the list of those who hope your arm heals well and soon.

  4. Thanks Gary, I'm pretty much healed now, just need to keep doing the physiotherapy and I should be fine, I've taken the surgeons words to heart

    "Don't do it again"

    Wise words indeed. :-)