Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well....I've got all the work for my October exhibition finished, mounted and framed...actually there's five paintings that still need to be put in their frames but they're mounted and I've got the frames for them so I'm counting them as ready too. That's a grand total of 46 works to be on display...phew!

Here's my Shearing collection of seven paintings which I intend to be the centrepiece(s) of the exhibition, should get a bit of interest I reckon. All are on 30 X 40cm pastelmat.





  1. very excited for you! 46 works, WOW! I wish you great success at the opening. Looking forward to seeing images of the show.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, the opening nignt was GREAT, had a really good time. Interestingly there was a lot of interest in my wildlife paintings (sold quite a few of those) but not so much in these 'shearing' paintings, I thought it would have been the other way round, still, you live and learn. Must do some more pictures of birds & seals I guess. :-)