Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New studio wife and I have agreed that we need the bedroom that I had occupied as a studio to be a bedroom again. Fortunately there's a big ol' room in the attic of the building I work in that was sitting empty. Until recently the terms of the lease meant I was unable to sublet any of the unused rooms but that's recently changed so I thought why not? I'll treat myself to it, after a day hauling a surprisingly large ammount of art related junk up a tiny narrow staircase here it new studio, must be four times the floor space of my old one and with wonderful light, just need to stop the velux window from leaking and it'll be tip top.


  1. Very nice Ben. Floor looks clean; will it stay that way or do you fling as I do? The only draw back that I can see is that you can no longer just meander into your space any ole time and pick up the brush. That's what has kept me at home. But then again, this is a more professional space, great for asking patrons up to take a look at your new work. --You need a microwave, coffee pot and sink or not. (I'm a space planner by profession. I really do dig new spaces particularly when they have a real function). Enjoy. The light looks great.

  2. It won't stay that white around the easel, be a fair ammount of pastel dust ground into the floorboards soon enough I reckon. I will get myself a coffee pot, fortunately there's already a sink in one of the other rooms up here so that's a bonus.
    The trouble with having the studio at home is that whilst it is nice being able to meander in any time you want I also found it all too easy to meander out at any old time as well.

  3. Agree with the notion that it's too easy to meander out! There;s a lot to be said for "going to work" - it not exactly a huge distance, it looks really good.

  4. Hi Ben,
    Great space. Thanks for the tour. I love seeing where artists I've gotten to know through blogging perform their magic.
    Have you come down from the show yet? Are you busy each day now, signing autographs and negotiating gallery representation? Your family must be very proud of what you've accomplished with your talents. They should be!
    Have a great day tomorrow.

  5. Looks great, look forward to all the wonderful art that comes out of your new space.

  6. cool xDDDDDD i wanna have studio art like this :3