Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bill Porter

Finished my portrait of Bill Porter, took a while and I found the WIP photos useful so posting this one as a complete work in progress. The finished pastel I'll give to the local social club which Bill chaired for many years.

Charcoal sketch

here's the first stage of the larger painting, graphite sketch on pale grey 30 X 40 pastelmat.

Filled in with charcoal, some colour next.

First blocking in of colour, conte soft pastels.

Bit more done, using my daler rowney pastel pencils on this, excellent pastel cores in them but the wood casings are terrible, grain all over the place so very hard to sharpen without breaking the core.
looking a bit flat, slapped some unison pastel on there, grand stuff.

Getting there.

Finished painting


  1. What a great tribute! The portrait really tells a story and I bet there will be many stories shared by all his friends. Now I'm popping over to On the Easel.

  2. Hey Ben~ this turned out great! I've had a chance to check out the rest of your blog & your art is simply amazing! I am more of a clay/photography kind of girl & am always amazed at those who can paint & draw! Thanks also for following my blog... won't have much but photo's for awhile as I'm out of school & back to the "real job!"