Friday, July 16, 2010

Johnnyrook 2

Well....things are moving on, been working on a couple of commissions now but they're a surprise gift so can't tell show 'em yet. Yet another bout of insomnia this morning so had another crack at that great character the straited caracara AKA johnnyrook. Charcoal, A3.


  1. I find any animal hard to capture.I like the way you did the feathers around the eyes and beek

  2. Thought you were working on the commissions. Been busy painting walls, not as interesting but nevertheless satisfying to see the results.
    I like the bird's gaze... want to ask "Are you looking at me?"
    Hope your insomnia doesn't last long.

  3. Thanks, the commissions are going well but sadly I can't show them yet. Might have another go at this this bird, looks OK but the eye placement is wrong and he looks a bit dopey, johnnyrooks have an incredibly sharp, savvy look.