Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progress on the double portrait

Tonights progress, more colour built up. I attempted to push these a little warmer but no good, I think these just are going to be cool toned paintings. It still surprises me how little control one has over the look of a painting once you're a into it. One of these days I'm goinf to do a completely crazy painting with no respect for colour tone at all, just using value and nothing else...could be fun.


  1. Hi Ben,
    I think they're looking great. I certainly agree with you about the frustration with color and value. The Maestro who did his best to teach me a few things said, "As long as you get the values correct, you can use any color you like. Values are truth, color is personal."
    A valuable concept to be sure and it's always in my mind, especially when my never-ending experiments with color aren't working.
    Anyway, good luck and I know you'll get it.

  2. Beautiful,sensitive work Ben. It is not an easy subject regarding the values looking quite close together, I think the girl looks right, it could be that the background is possibly too close in value to the girl, you need more contrast to bring out the girl some more. But having said that it is still a very lovely portrait and has lots of mood and atmosphere. She looks older in your portrait from the photos you were showing in your last post, yet you have captured her likeness very well indeed. This is not easy to do.

  3. Thank you both. There's quite a bit of fine work to do around the mouth and eyes on both of these yet and lots more light and movement in the hair, they'll get there.