Friday, July 15, 2011

Exhibition time

I've finally plucked up the courage to have an exhibition, I've got a venue, I've got our rather good local company Sealed PR on the case to do all the hard work...and I've got 10 weeks to get my act together (and my art together) for it....ulp.

Actually I am really looking forward to this, nervous of course but not too bad. Also gives me the chance to do that element of my gainful employment that I love doing...messing around in Draw designing posters, catalogue, cards, invites etc. Got a business cards done and the first draft of a catalogue:

I'm planning to exhibit about 50 paintings of which perhaps half will be for sale, should be happening at the start of October....quite a lot to do before then  as nearly half of the paintings I'd like to exhibit aren't even painted yet, still just ideas, I'd better knuckle down.


  1. Ben,
    Congratulations, in advance! I think the catalog and card design is most impressive. Grabs my attention and makes me want to see the works inside.
    I'm sure I can speak for many of your friends when I say we're all looking forward to seeing the art you create for the show. I admire your ambition and work ethic, as well as, having the energy to do this.
    Here's to your future success!

  2. Thanks Gary, I am enjoying the build up...nervous too of course but that's a good thing I reckon, much better than complacency would be.

  3. Ben, Your catalogue and card look fantastic! Wow I'm very impressed and happy for you. Wish I could be there but I'll have to settle with celebrating the opening from Canada's southwest coast. Yes Here's to your future success!

  4. Hi Ben, Good luck with this. I remember organising my first exhibition. It seemed like there was a million things to do but it's all a learning curve and, in the end, easy compared to painting. Your catalogue looks nice enough to take already.