Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Experimental self portrait.

Self portrait on 30 X 40 yellow pastelmat. Decided to try out an idea I've been toying with to use the direction of pastel strokes to suggest other shapes than depicted by colour tone and value, as this is the first time I've kept it simple, just concentric circles centred on my right eye.

I ususlly use the pastel strokes as quite a strong element in painting so it's interesting to have that elememt shifed to another dimension...and difficult. We'll see where this goes. Still a lot to do on this.


Sketch and start of detail in face:

 Colour filled in:


  1. I like this experiment. I can still see your hand in it but the change in approach gives a different feel. I'm interested to see where it leads you.

  2. Very Van Gogh but better! The motion suggested by the patterns is very engaging. Well done.

  3. Hi Ben,

    I typed in "Ben's art" into Google to see if the domain was free to use, but ended stumbling upon your amazing work!

    Not only do we share a name we have a smiler style (though different mediums) here arr links to my work.

    From a fan over the sea, Ben

  4. Hi Ben

    Glad you like my work, had a look at your work and you're right, there is some similarity, quite a coincidence.

    I'd already nabbed but I'm sure there's other Ben's art domains available.