Friday, July 29, 2011

The spare bedroom is dead...long live the studio!

Actually our spare bedroom is not dead, I've settled quite comfortably into it, one of the beds is stowed under the other (which in turn is used for storing large format card and pastelmat well as being a dumping ground for drawing pads, rolls of paper, jumpers, finsished paintings, empty beer bottles etc). Most of the space this creates is taken up by an enormous worksurface (cut out of a sheet of plywood and stood on a pair of trestles) and an easel made out of a modular stepladder.

All this stuff is easily dismantled and the room can be returned to being a nice twin bedroom in the blink of an eye, 4 or 5 hours of lumping things around, untangling cables and scrubbing pastel dust out of the floorboards and it's as if I've never been there. Seriously though, it's great having my own studio space, I'm so pleased with it I treated myself to a nice chair.

My worktop:

My easel:

 My view:


  1. Ben that's a great looking studio. High tech chair too, very nice. I used a spare bedroom/office we once had for my studio back when I just did pen & ink work. It had a "trindle" bed in it which was really handy when working really late at night. I'd just roll off the drafting chair and onto the trindle bed...lights out, haha. Nice setup...good looking work here on your blog Ben.