Monday, May 24, 2010

Diamond Corner

My first attempt at doing a landscape in pastels. 30 X 40cm grey pastelmat. Again found the discipline of lanscape painting a hard task after the portraits I'm more used to. Started out OK building up the basic colours in carres pastel:

When it came to putting in detail I found my Conte soft pastels a bit dissapointing, even on pastelmat & fixed they just would not lay down the pigment as I wanted. My old scraps of pastel I had left over from my school days are actually much better, fortunately there was enough of them to to finish this, might try some Unison pastels I reckon.

Don't really know what to make of this, I'm reasonably pleased with the result but don't know if it's really what I was after.

Ref photo:


  1. I love the richness of this painting Ben. It's great seeing the ref pic, and I think you have captured the essence very well whilst enhancing the 'barren feel' of the place.

  2. Thanks Ingrid, as always with landscape photos (when I take them anyway) the camera had flattened the colours & features so I was trying to get the painting back to how the scene appears when there...and it is very barren.