Monday, May 31, 2010

Winter Sunrise

Overlooking Hill Cove to Keppel Island (I think) from above the bottom settlement, soft pastels on Ingres paper. This is based on a photo I took facing into the sun a couple of hours after sunrise, the under exposure of most of the photo gave a sunrise feel to it so I worked it into a sunrise scene. Taken on an absolutely stonking winters day, take a look at this album: Mt Donald

Ref photo:


Didn't rate the Ingres paper much, too soft, too textured and I found the tooth deteriorated quite fast, think I've been spoiled by using pastelmat. A poor photo of the painting too I find, maybe something about the texture of the paper messes up my black fur does.


  1. Took me a while to find you but am glad I did. Some lovely photos of where you live. I like General Jackson a lot

  2. Thank you Janice, glad you like the basset.

  3. lovely work with pastels and enjoyed looking through your blog and reading your thoughts on the materials you use. Your part of the wrold reminds me of the Scottish islands: just beautiful!

  4. Thanks rahina, it is similar to Scotland, bit drier though, sadly there's nothing like the highlands here (another pasttime of mine is hillwalking).