Thursday, May 13, 2010


Finished my baby portrait last night...well...I'm not going to do any more to it anyway, when is a painting ever really finished? Quite pleased with this, my 6th effort at portraiture. I am enjoying doing them but really must have a go at other subjects.

Here is my 'studio' (aka: dining table) with the painting in progress, a little bird told me I'll be getting an easel for my birthday though.


  1. Looks great, and I'm amazed you are getting these results without an easel! If I try to work on the flat I distort everything. I love portraiture and am past worrying too much about doing other subject matter. I think you've got a real flair for it already.

  2. Thanks Julie, I really enjoyed doing this one, don't really want to part with it but it's my brothers birthday present (the baby is his son).
    I must confess that I didn't leave this alone and did a bit more to it (refining the detail round the eyes and thinning the lit side of his face a bit as it was a bit too fat, I'll post the finished finised one later...)