Friday, May 28, 2010

General Jackson

My Dads basset hound, polychronos coloured pencils on white cartridge pad.
Interesting going back to coloured pencils after working with pastels for a while, oddly reassuring in some way even though they impose far more limits than pastels. It's noticable how you cannot get the quick results with this medium compared to pastels as well, you've got to work at it with pencils. This little drawing took over 2 hours.

Unlike work I've done before this came out exactly as I imagined it would. Working on this has emphasised, for me, the value of short pencil strokes and patience when trying to achieve a nice 'fur' look.


  1. "This little drawing" is super Ben ... he is just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Ingrid, he's a nice dog, some amazing pedigree but thankfully he has a mongrel personality.