Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Wind

This is an experiment I wanted to try, representing strong wind in a portrait painting. It's based on a photo of my brothers girlfriend taken while they were visiting the Falklands last year, on a very windy day (50+ knots). Soft pastels on 30X40 beige pastelmat. 

 Rough sketch of the idea in neocolour crayon

Finished pastel painting.
I'm finding it interesting that as my painting develop I'm tending towards a post impressionist style, it's not intentional, just seems to be the way I 'need' to go.


  1. Wonderful movement and vitality in this one, Benco. I'm loving watching your style evolve; the brush strokes becoming more broken and that Benco controlled randomness is becoming a trademark ;-)

  2. Love this painting. Full of vitality. I can feel the wind in my face. Reminds me of Van Gogh. Thank you for sharing the stages of your process.

  3. there is great movement in here i agree. Nice. reminds me of Munch. your pastel work is outstanding.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments, trying to put in the feelng of strength and movement of the wind was something completely new for me and I really wasn't sure about it coming across or not. It's great to hear such compliments from other artists, cheers.

  5. I love the initial sketch - the swirls of colour really grab me :-)

  6. Thanks Kerrio

    It's yours for a toosand poonds!

    seriously, you can have the sketch if you want, it's just a wee doodle.