Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy day

Started three pictures today, a portrait of my brother Adam in soft pastels, still from the movie LA Confidential in soft pastels and a drawing of our other dog Jill in coloured pencils.
Finished Jill this evening along with another painting I'd started last week....Phew!

This is the painting I finished this evening, Giant petrels (local name: Stinkers) fighting over carrion in the water, soft pastels on 30X40 pastelmat. Not particularly pleased with this, it did what I wanted it to, just not that happy with the look of the birds...more practice.

Our black, short haired border collie Jill. This is her 'glum' look (just been shut into the pack of the pickup with Boom, she loves being out but hates travelling, especially with that barking oaf). Polychronos coloured pencils & black sketching pencil on A4 cartridge paper.


  1. your drawing of your pup is beautiful. The birds remind me of whats happening in the gulf coast.

  2. Oh if only I had your fortitude. Yes I know your pup's look. Our cat has the same one when she doesn't get to go outside.

    The gulls drawing does give the feel of gull frenzy when fighting for food. What part are you not satisfied with?

    I like the shine on the pup. Did you do it by leaving the paper white?

  3. Thank you both.
    Pup? Jill would be flattered, she's 3 years old but still youthful :)
    The shine of her coat is the white paper showing through and the use of pale blue colouring pencil in the highlight areas, a nice effect for doing dark fur.

    The giant petrels do behave like gulls but they are much bigger and more powerful(more like the size of an albatross), I really wanted the sense of size and menace and strength of these birds to come across and I don't feel it really did, it's OK and there's plenty of it that does work but it's not quite what I had in mind.

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