Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye Crow

This is another first for me, working from a movie. This is intended to portray emotion of the moment although it turned out quite close in terms of form to the frame I was using as reference.

A quick explanation of what's going on: Based on a scene from the movie Minority Report. It depicts John Anderton, a drug addicted and mentally scarred cop who runs a police department called pre-crime who use psychics to predict & prevent murders, he is driven to help develop pre-crime by the unsolved murder of his son six years earlier.

In the scene he is about to avenge his son by killing Leo Crow, the man he believes abducted and murdered him. He knows this action  has been predicted to happen by the psychics and if he suceeds in committing the murder he will destroy not only himself but everything he has worked for in Pre-crime. Holding Crow at gunpoint he struggles with himself, his wrath and desire for vengence against his duty as a dedicated cop.....Choices eh?

I used the still from the movie as a reference to get the basic form of this, but once that was done it was mostly down to trying to 'feel' the emotion of the moment which was tough, surprisingly tiring. "Goodbye Crow......BLAM"

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